Let GTS take care of all your web supports needs...
Maintaining your business website ensures you that it is up-to-date with advent of new marketing techniques, software and services. Also, test and fix of any functionality issues will improve the performance of your website. In addition, a website which contains dynamic content elements gives users a reason to return, and therefore provides a basis to build and nurture customer relationships.

GTS offer professional and affordable website maintenance and management programme. We work with you to ensure that your business website provide a real and measurable return on your investment. We can tailor a website maintenance package to suit your requirements and your budget. GTS recommends the following support and maintenance criteria:

Website Support

GTS will support the website technology, following completion of the project, and ensure that the website is functional and meets the required level of performance.

Hosting Support

GTS can advise on domain and web hosting requirements and hosting upgrades.

Software Support

As software technology develops, GTS can support and advise on all software used to support the website, as well as any upgrades required.

Future Recommendations

Due to the nature of the technology used to construct the website, the website will be scalable for future content and structural developments. GTS can advice on future content as part of our monthly maintenance and support contract.