You may not be a web designer but you want to manage your own business online..
A CMS (Content Management System) allows people with no programming experience to update their web pages themselves. The system uses a database to hold the content of the site. All you have to do is login, edit the text in a simple online editing page and click the 'save to database' button once you're finished. We have a text update only version and a more advanced CMS system which allows you to change images as well as your text. This system has a 'user friendly' image upload system to enable you to send your images to the web server. The CMS systems include a Login page, Administration page and the Dynamic pages you require.

Here are some of the things our clients have said:

  • I am now in complete control
  • I can work from ANY computer connected to the Internet no software to buy or install
  • I can add images right from my computer
  • I control my website and don't know a thing about HTML
  • I can add new pages and the navigation just appears
  • I Our website is maintained by our office clerk!
  • I have not needed to call GTS in months!
  • My website is always up to date!
  • No one would know that I maintain and operate the site